Book Review: Most Dangerous Place

James Grippando continues his popular attorney Jack Swyteck novels in his latest work, “Most Dangerous Place.” (Harper, 356 pages.)

Jack Swyteck is at the airport awaiting the arrival of an old friend from high school, Keith Ingraham, a successful investment banker in Hong Kong, who is traveling with his wife, Isabelle “Isa” Bornelli and their daughter, Melany. Keith and Isa are bringing their daughter to Miami to have cochlear implant surgery.

Upon their arrival in Miami, the police arrest Isa, charging her with conspiracy to commit murder of the man who had raped her in college.

Jack Swyteck is called in to help his old friend, but he must share the stage with the flamboyant Manuel “Manny” Espinosa, a high-profile attorney who usually represents drug kingpins.

In his latest courtroom thriller filled with secrets and plot twists, Grippando examines what crime statistics demonstrate — that the most dangerous place for a young woman is in a relationship with a man in this tense tale which spotlights the harrowing crime of rape and vengeance.

Jack Swyteck is a street savvy but caring lawyer and his cases are compelling. Fans of high courtroom drama will want to read James Grippando’s Jack Swyteck stories.