Every Day Above Ground

Glen Erik Hamilton has his third chapter in his much acclaimed Van Shaw series, “Every Day Above Ground.” (William Morrow/ 365 pages)

Van is the grandson of the late Donovan “Dono” Shaw, a man who had earned quite a reputation as a skilled thief. Mickey O’Hasson, a terminally ill ex-con who was just released from prison, recruits Van to help in what seems like an easy heist — retrieving some four million dollars in gold bars hidden in an abandoned building.

But as in the Irish proverb concerning the leprechaun’s pot of gold, this stash of gold is also guarded by malevolent beings who seize O’Hasson and threaten to track down Van.

Shaw finds himself facing off against some of the toughest of the West Coast criminals. With the help of his friends, Hollis Brant and Jimmy Corcoran, Shaw plots a very clever scheme involving a comics/fantasy/sci-fi convention to retrieve the gold and reunite the dying ex-con O’Hasson with his young daughter, Cyndra.

As in the other stories in this series, the story is peppered with flashbacks to Van’s childhood with his grandfather Dono.

For Van, Christmas memories are not sentimental and sweet, but haunted by that harrowing day he had to rescue Dono from being framed for murder by his partner in a holiday art heist.

Glen Erik Hamilton’s character, Van Shaw, is a street savvy modern day Robin Hood with the bare knuckle fighting skills of Rocky Balboa.

This very creative series will steal the reader’s attention from the beginning to the very end.