Golden K Club has no trouble improvising

KINGSFORD — When the day turns out altogether different than was expected, one wonders what can be done to turn it back around. Pondering this quandary and looking out my window, I was absorbing the beauty of the flowers still in bloom.

Suddenly a bulldog popped out of the nearby woods, followed by a German shepard (not my dogs), obviously in hot pursuit of something. They began to circle the garden, poking the fencing here and there. Not knowing what to expect, the greenery began to shake as I watched. Something was in the garden and the dogs knew it. Watching further, a rabbit popped out of the hostas. The dogs were beside themselves about how to get in there.

Following several trips around the fencing with no sign of any more movement, the two dogs decided to give it up and left. A few minutes later the rabbit appeared, finding his way out of the garden, shaking off the experience. He, too, left and things went back to normal in the garden.

So, this brings us back to the usual Monday morning Golden K meeting, which turned out to be a little out of sync. With the scheduled speaker unable to be there, Bob Tachick, as chairman for the month of August, was faced with filling in the program with something. He soon discovered that is no problem for this group of seniors.

Dr. Paul Jacobs, as only he can, told a few stories relating to visits at the doctor’s office. Gary Proudfit then educated the group on the origin of some well-known adages. Where did the saying “raining cats and dogs” come from? Or the one about a “pig in a poke”? Gary is the man with the facts if you need to know more.

Alyce Derwinski teamed up with Orice Walters and they got the group into singing. Bringing the meeting back to business, “Happy Birthday” was sung for Darrel Miller on Aug. 12 and Margaret Trudell on Aug. 13. Best wishes to John and Diane Aune for their Aug, 7 anniversary. The 50/50 drawing was won by Leon Gosparderk.

Kirk Olson gave out the sign-up sheets for members to set aside times to help with the peanut fundraiser Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2 (at Walmart only). Chairmen have been assigned their stations and all members are encouraged to give an hour or two where they can.

Golden K members will set up tables at Walmart east and west, Super One, EconoFoods, Shopko, Pat’s in Norway and Marcouiller’s in Niagara. With these donations, the Golden K is able to provide parties three times a year for the area’s special needs youth, support local charities and give out scholarships to a selected student from Iron Mountain and Kingsford high schools.

The Monday Golden K meeting will be at the First Presbyterian Church on Hamilton Avenue in Kingsford. The program with Margaret Trudell will feature Julie Bietela and begins at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome; being a senior is not a requirement.

The Golden Throats will sing Wednesday at Freeman Nursing Facility.