Golden K preparing for Christmas party for special needs children on Dec. 18

Golden K members enjoy a Monday morning meeting filled with Christmas carols.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — The countdown for Christmas has begun. The Thanksgiving turkey hardly had time to digest before the Black Friday adrenaline rush came. Now it is crunch time. Presents to buy, plans to be made and the list keeps growing.

Lights, decorated homes, and trees are appearing everywhere. There is Christmas music being played in almost every store, Volunteers are ringing the familiar bells for the Salvation Army. A festive mood is floating through the air – yet there is something missing. Oh yes, snow.

With a musical program for the Golden K on Monday, they did all they could to get that white stuff start to filter onto the ground. Sue Leduc, on piano nodded to Margaret Trudell who in turn began directing. “Let it Snow,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman” was a medley of three Christmas songs to get the mood started. Not looking to encourage a blizzard — a few inches will do. The Golden Kers went on to sing as many traditional Christmas songs as they could fit into their half hour.

Lois Outcelt, program chairperson for November, opened the business meeting. They welcomed guest Shirley Winters who visits the Golden K from Stevens Point, Wis. Happy Anniversary wishes went to Al and LaVerne Calcari, Nov. 27 and happy birthday wishes go to Bob Bowman on Dec. 1.

Jeannine Polkinghorne was the winner of the 50/50. Jim Verrette took over reading the Happy Dollar cards. He was also very happy that he talked to his grandson Matt who is attending college in New Zealand. Bill and Margaret Trudell were happy to be with the Golden Kers.

Gary Proudfit proposed a program in the future “Remember When.” He handed out a paper with a list of buildings in the Iron Mountain area — remember flat front faced stores of many neighborhoods and the stories that go with them as well as stories about the people who owned and operated those businesses. Proudfit is searching for interesting tidbits and everyone is encouraged to share what they know. He will formulate a program in 2018, a date to be determined.

Chairperson Outcelt reminded the Golden Kers of the Dec. 18 Christmas party for the special needs children. Members will begin setting up around 8:30 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford.

The Golden K will meet Monday. Debbie Makenzie will share some of her many volunteering adventures.

The Golden Throats will sing Wednesday at Victorian Pines in Iron Mountain.

Outcelt ended the meeting with this thought “Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. However it can be contagious.”