Tresedder speaks at Golden K meeting

Ron Jouppi, Golden K program chairman introduces Golden K guest speaker Connie Tresedder.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — As a bright sunny day greeted the Golden K seniors on Monday morning, the extreme cold was easily forgotten. Having spent a couple of weeks enjoying visits with families and friends, seeing actual thawing leaving small puddles here and there was almost exciting. Then one realizes it is only January.

With a New Year just getting started the Golden K members sauntered in the fellowship hall at the First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford, greeting one another and ready for some quality time sharing all their holiday stories and of course there was the coffee and doughnuts which make all things fall into place.

Bill Roberts serves as chairman for January. Sue LeDuc rolled out the piano and with the able assistance of Lois Outcelt directing the music seemed to flow into story form.

The “welcome song” greeted guests Connie Tresedder and Bob Tachick’s grandson, Dave Syed.

Happy Birthday wishes to Jim Benzing, Jan. 4 and Pat Smaby Corson, Jan. 14. Congratulations to newlyweds Ben and Ginny Determan. “Auld Lane Syne” was sung in memory of Peter Cattelino a past member of this Golden K. He had a unique sense of humor and a love of music which fits the Golden Kers perfectly.

Happy dollars read by Don Pedo included happiness for sunshine, getting together again, happy for the success of the special needs childrens Christmas party and all the many volunteers that made it happen. The happiest of all was Jeannine Polkinghorne who took home the winnings from the 50/50 drawing.

As guest speaker for the day, Connie Tresedder gave the members a background of her and her family. The Tresedders reside in the Kingsford area and both Connie and her husband, Ross have lifelong ties to the Upper Peninsula, both coming from the Ishpeming area. Both Ross and Connie had careers in different fields while they were busy raising their family. As life goes on — things change. Ross felt a nudge to follow in his family’s interest in the grocery store business and is currently working in Crystal Falls. Fresh Foods Market, next to Fob’s has become his new goal. Connie, having worked in the field of health and wellness for many years, also got the nudge to take her expertise to the next level.

She worked at Bay West teaching at the college level, training employees in professional development settings. She began to focus on full-time teaching anyone interested in how to put a positive, effective attitude into their work and everyday life to help manage stress.

Teaching one how the mind and body are controlled by the brain, which then determines how individuals react to situations as they arise in daily life, enables one the ability to put a positive spin on emotions. Joy brings energy, negative feelings brings one down. Learning to control ones emotions and thoughts, choosing to turn to a more positive approach improves questionable circumstances in the work place as well as in their private life.

Coaching people and inspiring them to believe in themselves increases their ability to define their purpose as well as improve their over all health. When someone approaches you in a negative manner, she can help you learn how to handle that before it becomes a stress point in your work or private life.

Tresedder addresses topics of managing stress, improving communications, controlling thoughts and emotions, finding one’s purpose and increasing spiritual wellness. She also coaches one on weight loss issues. She works with younger people helping them find their purpose in life. Encourages them to take their dreams and put them into reality. She provides life coaching technics to small groups and or individuals.

Tresedder says, “I love to inspire people to believe in themselves.”

Every one has hopes, dreams and goals. Tresedder coaches people to pursue those thoughts and bring them to reality with confidence.

The Golden Throats will sing at Freeman’s Wednesday at 2 p.m. and Evergreen on Jan. 24, with the time change of 2:15 p.m.

The general meeting for the Golden K will be at 10 a.m. Monday with the program scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Gary Proudfit has been compiling stories and information on the many grocery stores within the local area. All are welcome to come and maybe you have a story or two of your memories to share.