The Flame Bearer

Historical fiction

Bernard Cornwell has completed his 10th novel in his Saxon Tales series with “The Flame Bearer”  (Harper, 284 pages)

Lord Uhtred, who was born a Saxon but raised by a Dane, dreams of recapturing his ancestral home of Bebbanburg, which was seized by his uncle and given to his cousin.

The story of Lord Uhtred returning to Bebbanburg is no sentimental homecoming, rather, this is the heroic tale of his conquest over his treacherous cousin to regain

his home.

Uhtred is a warrior who uses his wiles as much as his swords, Serpent-Breath and Wasp-Sting, as he outwits a trio of antagonists including his cousin who has usurped his name and kingdom, as well as the evil Aethelhelm and the ambitious King Constantin of Alba (Scotland).

The irreverent and irresistibly witty pagan, Lord Uhtred takes on the pompous and corrupt priests who prowl about Medieval Britain amassing wealth by hawking fake relics.

The reader will laugh at the phony bishop, Ieremias, who dreams of making himself Pope of Lindisfarena (Lindisfarne).

Cornwell’s Saxon Tales explore, in historical fiction, the dream of forging a united Englaland (England) from the various kingdoms in the British Isles.  His latest chapter refers to the first conquerer of Bebbenburg, Ida, known as the Flamebearer, with the saga of the new conquerer and “Flame Bearer” — Lord Uhtred.