War veterans tombstones get a face lift

CRYSTAL FALLS — Over time, grave stones get dark in color and covered with moss and mold. Crystal Falls Lions Club member Joy Fredericks noticed the poor condition of the rows of marble stones in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery.

“She brought it to the attention of her fellow club members and put in a request to have the markers of these fallen soldiers cleaned,” said Gene Schiavo, Lions Club spokesperson.

These markers represent the many brave soldiers that served our country and sacrificed their lives. 

The Lions Club put together a work crew and gathered the materials necessary to do the job.

Not only did Fredericks assemble a group of Lion volunteers, but she also enlisted the help of some local veterans, who also felt that this beautification project should be done out of respect for their fallen comrades. 

The volunteers from the service organizations brought along a power washer, which was a big help, until it quit working.

“Thanks to Norway Granite and Marble employee Scott Marks, who was working on other stones in the cemetery, came to our rescue,” said Schiavo.

“He loaned his power washer to our work crew and the job was then able to be completed.”

About 60 stones were cleaned during the project.