Good curiosity — Luke 9:9-7

Curiosity can be a very good thing; in fact, it may be one of our forgotten virtues. To be curious about something or someone can open up new avenues of learning and awareness. Many inventions have been made because someone was curious.

Also, curiosity can be the beginning of a deep faith in the Lord, or it can bring us further away. In Luke’s Gospel, we are told that Herod, wicked as he was, desired to see Jesus. In Luke 9:8 we are told: “Herod said, ‘John I beheaded. Who then is this about whom I hear such things?’ And he kept trying to see Jesus.”

Herod’s curiosity about Jesus had the potential to change his whole life from evil to good. Unfortunately, his curiosity led to resentment and jealousy. Above all, it led to fear and to his own downfall.

What about us? Do we have a healthy curiosity, one that is life-giving? Are we curious about what might be causing some of the health issues we are dealing with? Are we curious enough to see a doctor? Are we curious enough about certain behaviors of our children, so that we do something to address the problems.

Do we still have a good curiosity about the things of God? There are many things we don’t and will never really understand. We might have a lot of doubts. But a faith that no longer seeks knowledge and wisdom is pretty much dead. What can keep our relationship with the Lord exciting is our ongoing curiosity to see him.

God bless.