Golden K Club hosts party for special needs children

The Golden K Club had its annual party for special needs children Monday. Children from throughout the area were invited to enjoy a meal, listen to music and receive a gift.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — As Christmas draws closer, time seems to be fly by. There are so many things to do, places to go, people to see and the tension builds.

Monday morning for the Golden K-ers was a part of this season all members look forward to. With all the hustle and bustle, this is the time set aside just for the special needs children Christmas party.

Getting ready for the special needs young people from Woodland, Willis Center, Norway, Niagara, Florence, Woodland ISD, Crystal Falls and Florence brings out every able-bodied GK member to the First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford early in the morning.

The “stocking stuffers” get busy sorting and filling each sock, while the “kitchen crew” begins the food preparations. Then there is the “set-up” crew, busy with tables and chairs, covering tables with white paper, putting crayons out for the children to draw and color while they patiently wait for all to gather. Setting out the plates, cups and napkins, this crew makes everything look brightly inviting.

Piles of blankets and pillows can be seen leaning precariously against the wall. All handmade and donated by the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department, part of a community service project and throughly treasured by the children.

With all things in place awaiting the arrival of the children, Joan Jouppi, chairwoman, had a brief business meeting. The group acknowledged birthdays to Joyce London, Dec. 21; Carol Schultz, Dec. 23; and Beverly Johnson and Larry Yarck, both celebrating on Dec. 28.

Sharon Scholke spoke on the Dickinson County Library matching fund effort for a $20,000 grant that would enable the library to institute renovations. The matching funds are due by Dec. 31. With a short period of time left, the library needs the community’s help with this effort.

As each bus unloaded their precious passengers, the fellowship hall began filling up with happy sounds of excited children. Mr. and Mrs. Claus also came to join the fun. They greeted the children, danced a song or two and sang along with the children. Providing the music was Ray Pilon, daughter Mindy and friend, Eldin Paquin. Mindy’s Band played a variety of music, which always adds a special joy to this party.

Christmas does not get better than this. Sharing some time with these children cannot be described, it has to be experienced. A special acknowledgement to the parents, staff, bus drivers and the schools for all they do every day for these children and allowing the Golden K to be a small part in their lives with these parties. With all the busy-ness of the party over and all the children having boarded their buses for the return to their respective schools, these seniors kicked off their shoes and let out a sigh that says, “This was a great day and this tiredness is a good feeling.”

With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on a Monday, the members were reminded the next general meeting will be Jan. 8.

Bill Roberts will be chairman for the month of January and Connie Tresedder, a Kingsford resident, will present her program on a Contagious Life and Purpose. Some of the topics include managing stress, improving communication, controlling thoughts and emotions. All are welcome to join the Golden K meeting.

The Golden Throats will sing at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday at Evergreen and Jan. 3 at Victorian Pines.