Daily Meditations: Believing in people

Many years ago, when in college, I read a best-selling book titled “The Cross and the Switchblade.” It describes a true story about the work of the Rev. David Wilderson, a young minister working with New York delinquents.

There is one scene in the book that still inspires me yet this day. The Rev. Wilderson was conducting a tent revival meeting. Four young hoodlums attended, with the intentions of robbing the collection. The leader of the gang was Nicky Cruz, who advised them to sit in the front row.

After the sermon, it was time for the collection. To their great surprise, the minister asked them, of all people, to pass the baskets. As they brought the collection up to the front, they look to Nicky for the signal to make their escape. Instead, he told them to give the offerings to the minister.

Nicky Cruz was so impressed that the minister believed enough in them to let them take up the collection, he just could not let them steal it. He told them that no one had ever believed in him like that. As a result, Nicky became a street preacher to the street gangs of the city.

The Rev. Wilderson did what Jesus would do. He never gave up on people. We, too, must believe in people. They can be much better than the bad they do.

— God bless.