Daily Meditations: I came to call sinners – Luke 5:27-32

A sign in front of a church read “Welcome – Sinners Only.” The Pastor had in mind the words of Jesus when he tells us that he came for sinners, not for the self-righteous. Our culture, however, doesn’t like to hear that any behavior is a sin. The word should not be used in polite society. How dare we be so judgmental.

Anthony Mastroeni has made this rather chilling observation, “No one steals anymore, they simply lift something. No one lies anymore, they simply misrepresent the facts. No one commits adultery, they simply fool around. No one kills an unborn child, they simply terminate a pregnancy. All this represents a clever way of candy-coating the reality of sin.”

If we close our eyes to sin in our lives, we don’t see ourselves as sinners, then we become self-sufficient… we have no real need for Jesus and the Lenten season. We think, “it’s those other people who really need him, especially included are some in-laws or some people at work or school, or even family members.”

These days there are fewer and fewer people attending church services. One has to wonder if they saw that sign – “Welcome – Sinners Only” and realized that since they don’t think they sin, they were excused from attending. These people might want to read the words of St. John, “If we say that we have not sinned, we made a liar out of God, and his words is not in us.” 1 John 1:10

– God bless, Fr Joe.