Day of Prayer at Grace Covenant

IRON RIVER — Grace Covenant Church of Iron River, along with community members, will conduct a National Day of Prayer program at 6 p.m. Thursday at Contract Coffee on Genesee Street in downtown Iron River.

Members of the community are invited to the free event. Contrast Coffee will offer free regular coffee during the event, with specialty coffees available for menu prices.

Many significant days of prayer have been noted throughout history, but President Ronald Reagan designated on May 5, 1988, that the National Day of Prayer officially would be recognized on the first Thursday in May.

Reagan did so with the thought that “Americans in every generation have turned to their maker in prayer… We have acknowledged… our dependence on Almighty God.”

Now, decades later, nearly 35,000 National Day of Prayer events occur across the nation in prayer for the people who live within it. It unifies all religions and bonds our citizens.

Since 1789, there have been 146 national calls to prayer by the President of the United States.

For more information on the Grace Covenant Church of Iron River event, contact the church office at 906- 265-9951.

For more information on the National Day of Prayer, go online to