Superior Rehabilitation Services at Golden K meeting

From left, Joan Jouppi of Golden K and Kathy Johnson and Jennifer Ahola, from Superior Rehabilitation Services.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — Waking up to the clouds and rain makes it feel like a go-back-to-sleep kind of day. Monday morning then turned hot and humid. As Yoopers and Golden K seniors, the weather does not interfere with the meeting.

Dr. Paul Jacobs got the group up and running. This signaled Alyce Derwinski and Al Calcari to break open the music books, designate what songs are to be sung and the hall ringing with sounds of the “oldies.”

Guests for the day included Chloe Mitchem, great-granddaughter of Mary Jane Nelson; and Jennifer Ahola and Kathy Johnson, representing Superior Rehabilitation Services.

Don Pedo, always smiling, was especially happy having collected the 50-50 monies. The Happy Dollars included that the Jouppis were happy to welcome their great-granddaughter, Ava Lily, to the family. Vance Uhazie shared some of his home-grown vegetables with the group and John Corson was glad the college football season is starting. Not sure if his wife, Pat, shares that same excitement.

Happy Anniversary wishes to Don and Rose Pedo on Aug. 30, Leon and Sarah Godspoderek pm Aug. 30, Mike and Pauline Werner on Aug. 31 and John and Fran Jamar on Sept. 7. Birthday wishes include: Sept. 1, Richard Walsh; Sept. 2, Marty Waananen; Sept. 3, Dennis Chartier; and Sept. 9, Leroy Lindstrom.

Kirk Olson reminded the members of the Peanut fundraiser set for Aug. 30-31. Golden K captains set up their tables at various locations in Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Norway and Niagara, Wis. The ability for the Golden K to fund picnics and parties for the special needs children, offer donations to eight local charities and provide a scholarship to a local student depends on the area’s community support.

The Golden K will not meet Monday due to the Labor Day holiday. The next general meeting will be Sept. 10. The Golden Throats will sing Wednesday at Victorian Pines.

Jennifer Ahola spoke to the group on Elder Care Management with Superior Rehabilitation in the area. Ahola is registered nurse, certified case manager, member of the Dickinson Area Chamber Alliance and affiliated with the Loyal to Local effort. She has five independent workers in the U.P. and northern Wisconsin. Kathy Johnson accompanied Ahola as an on-the-job trainee.

Elder Care Management is a private, independently owned business in Iron Mountain and is a part of a national network that provides services all across the U.S. The staff includes licensed/certified vocational counselors, certified life care planners, registered nurses and certified social workers. All are dedicated to provide professional assessments of a client’s overall needs and economic considerations, working as advocates striving to maintain the client’s independence in a home setting as long as appropriate.

As a patient advocate, the family is reassured their loved one’s needs are being properly assessed and handled with concern for the patients safety and well-being. Other services include developing a plan of care that works best for the client, assisting the family with what’s available for caretakers, working with nursing homes and family doctors, and learning how to handle a crisis situation such as a power outages, unexpected falls or any emergency need.

Navigating through change can be difficult, and understanding the medical world of today is confusing, so having an advocate to help one through the maze of what is available — and what the person might qualify for — as well as how, when and where to turn for help in applying.

Creating a plan of care before a problem exists will assure the client and family members they will be well cared for when the need arises. Having a friendly face in a strange environment can eases one’s anxiety in difficult times.

Superior Rehabilitation Services will have a booth at this year’s Dickinson County Fair.

More information also is available at their website or by calling Superior Rehabilitation.

Ahola fielded many questions and handed out brochures to all members.