Interns serve at VA Medical Center

IRON MOUNTAIN – Fifteen student interns worked at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center this summer. Each student was assigned to an area that best suited their field of study.

The VA medical center provides interns with hands-on experience that allows them to test-drive a career. These students were accepted into one of two programs, the VA’s Pathways Internship Program, or the National Diversity Internship Program, both of which provide an opportunity to become a VA employee upon completion of their degree.

“Each year our VA internship programs allow students to come into our medical center and gain the knowledge and skills they need, while creating a meaningful work experience serving our nation’s Veterans,” said Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist MaryAnne Gibler.

The majority of interns fall under the Pathways Internship Program, which emphasizes long term training and development.

This program is open to current students in a qualifying educational institution that pursue a degree or certificate which may be applied at a VA healthcare facility, such as: clinical administrative, medicine, human capital, social work, information technology, engineering, and many other areas.

The VA’s National Diversity Internship Program recruits from various organizations that conduct targeted outreach to diverse student populations. Both programs allow for students the opportunity to continue the internship in subsequent summers, if not throughout the year.

“I am currently wrapping up my second summer in the engineering department, and am regularly astonished by the countless valuable experiences I have encountered in such a short amount of time,”?said engineering intern Jake Stuck. “As an architecture student, I cannot think of anything better that could have taught me how it all works in the real world,”

VA offers multiple internship programs for students. Students wishing to advance are encouraged to visit the following website: