Benishek celebrates Anchor Coupling expansion

MENOMINEE – Dr. Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, celebrated the expansion of Anchor Coupling Inc. in Menominee. Anchor Coupling is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. and will be expanding operations with the creation of 120 new full time jobs over the next year in northern Michigan.

“It’s great news that Anchor Coupling is able to expand and bring more full-time jobs to northern Michigan. Thanks to companies like Caterpillar and Anchor Coupling, more residents of our area will be able to stay and work here in the U.P. Anchor Coupling is a leader in American innovation. We need to continue working with leaders in northern Michigan, such as Caterpillar, to improve the economy and bring jobs back to this area,” said Dr. Benishek.

Anchor Coupling is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., and was established in 1978 in the city of Menominee. Anchor Coupling produces hydraulic hose assemblies for Caterpillar machines in addition to other original equipment manufacturers. The company plans to expand by purchasing a building adjacent to its existing facility in Menominee by investing up to over $9 million.

“Vocational education is incredibly important up here in northern Michigan and Anchor Coupling works with local schools and communities to provide the training needed to secure a full time job with the company. I am so proud of the work that Anchor Coupling and Caterpillar is doing here in Menominee by offering internships and scholarships to further these efforts and I look forward to working with them on future educational endeavors,” added Dr. Benishek.

Vocational education and proper job training has been a top priority for Dr. Benishek during his time in Congress.

Dr. Benishek has hosted educational round table meetings in northern Michigan with educators and job providers, and continues to explore proposals to promote vocational education in the First District so that individuals have the proper training to secure the jobs available.