Paquin’s Drain Cleaning provides 24-hour service

Linda Lobeck/Daily News Photo MIKE PAQUIN HAS opened a new business in the area that provides drain cleaning, maintenance and labor services 24 hours a day.

IRON MOUNTAIN — Paquin’s Drain Cleaning LLC is a new business in the area that will offer 24-hour service on call to customers.

Mike Paquin started his business about five months ago and provides drain cleaning for septic pipes, sinks and baths and will unthaw frozen drain pipes.

He also provides maintenance and labor services for commercial buildings as well as residential. In addition, Paquin’s Drain Cleaning installs and services garage doors, along with installing main doors, sinks and faucets.

“I will support or work with any other contractors if they are short-handed and need extra help in getting the job done,” Paquin said.

He added that he can do cleaning services to both commercial and residential buildings.

“I can clean out foreclosures for banks and credit unions to get them ready to sell,” he noted.

Paquin also provides everyday cleaning for commercial buildings and offices as well as homes and medical facilities.

He is both licensed and insured for commercial and residential cleaning. To contact Paquin’s Drain Cleaning LLC, call 906-239-9834 or email him at