VanAire expands ownership

GLADSTONE — VanAire Inc. announced this week that Tony Lambert and Eric Miller have been added as owners of the Gladstone-based manufacturing company. The two join Bill VanDeVusse, who has owned the company since 2014.

Lambert is a graduate of Bay College and has been with the company since 1996, now serving as vice president of the engineered valve automation hardware product line. Miller joined VanAire in 1997 and was named vice president of manufacturing in 2011.

“With mergers and acquisitions rampant within the valve industry, adding Tony and Eric as owners sends a strong signal that we believe VanAire can continue to best serve our customers as an independent partner,” VanDeVusse stated. “This move enhances VanAire’s long-term commitment to our customers, our employees and the community.”

The announcement was made during a monthly employee meeting where it also was noted the company’s first quarter 2017 sales rose by more than 22 percent from 2016.

VanAire, founded in 1995 by Richard VanDeVusse, is a leading manufacturer of engineered valve automation hardware and wastewater pretreatment systems. The Delta County company employs 78 full-time workers.