Local author publishes first book

IRON MOUNTAIN — A teen now living in Iron Mountain has produced her first novel, “Damsel in the Dungeon,” available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback or e-book.

Alyssa Alquist, 18, graduated from Bessemer High School this year and plans to attend Bay West College in the fall. She is exploring the possibility of pursuing her passion for writing as a career.

Her book takes place centuries after nuclear war and society has collapsed but a community of survivors remain. They are living isolated in an underground bunker that saved them and are afraid to return to the surface and find out who is left.

In “Damsel in the Dungeon,” an injured dweller from the surface finds his way into their compound and disrupts their view of the outside world.

This surface dweller, along with the compound leader’s daughter, Alice, explore the secrets of the compound and uncover the hidden reasons why they’ve been trapped in the bunker.

Alquist said the inspiration from her book was derived from her family and late best friend. It was after the death of her friend that Alquist decided to pursue the dream of publishing a book.