A fresh look for The Market Place

Students at DIISD Vocational Center rename, revamp their snack shop

FROM LEFT, JACOB TUCKER and Benjamin Oratch serve pizza to Matthew Bruette at The Market Place, the revamped marketing store at the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Vocational Center. (Theresa Proudfit/Daily News photo)

KINGSFORD — Marketing classes at the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Vocational Center had a chance in 2017 to revamp their in-house snack shop for the first time since the store opened 40 years ago.

What formerly was known as Voc Village has been renamed The Market Place, redesigned and completely renovated with the DIISD center students actively involved in the entire process.

Graphics and printing students designed a new Market Place logo last semester and the signage was put into play this semester. Marketing students were able to decide the store’s layout and a few of the boys put together the new shelving and display cases.

“I was lucky enough to have a few engineering minds in my class, so we didn’t have to use our maintenance guy and we had a couple gals in third block that are really artistic,” said Amy Bracket, marketing and entrepreneurship Instructor for vocational center.

Niagara High senior Benjamin Oratch and Iron Mountain senior Jacob Tucker were two of the builders.

THE DICKINSON AREA Chamber Alliance recently had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for The Market Place, the newly renovated, student-run store at the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Vocational Center. In front, from left, are Ben Ryan, Denise Tapio, Madison Bennett, Josie Yost, Michael Creighton, Austin Hirthe, Aidan Miller, instructor Amy Bracket, Patti Schnieder and Joe Testolin; in back are Kristine Schroeder, Andrew Mann, Preston Strong, Jack Zimmerman, Jonathan Schmutzler and Trisha Peterson. (Chris Tomassucci/Daily News photo)

“I think it’s awesome. If I walked into a gas station and it looked this nice, I’d be pretty impressed. I really do think its really nice in here. I loved building all this stuff with (Tucker); it was a lot of fun,” Oratch said.

The marketing class also took input from fellow tech center students as to new products in the store. They then purchased a new bagel machine, ordered new full-size candy bars and added a Monster drink cooler and pizza.

The Market Place also has new furniture and new uniforms and T-shirts for student workers.

Second-year marketing student Haley Bubloni was really happy with the outcome of the store. “Last year to this year, I mean, there is so much they added. Being in Marketing 2, we got to pick out new candy, we got to be a part of the process and feel like we were a part of something,” she said, adding, “My favorite part is the bagel and coffee area.”

The DIISD Vocational Center offers classes for high school students from Dickinson and Iron counties.