Retirees saluted at Dickinson Healthcare

From left are recent Dickinson County Healthcare System retirees and their years of service: Tina Beaudoin, 23 years; Bonnie Krznarich, 13 years; Leanne Formolo, 25 years; Janis Strand, 17 years; Illene Zoppetti, 25 years; Diane Granquist, 30 years; Sandra Adams, 31 years; Fran Lovel, 18 years; Shelly Groeneveld, 38 years; Mary Opolka, 37 years; Mary Spera, 13 years; Deborah Johnson, 34 years; Cecelia Bussiere, 37 years; Keith Swanson, 40 years; and Sheryl LeBombard, 34 years. Not pictured are Pamela Freeman, 40 years; Sherri Porter, 40 years; Diane Hansen, 37 years; Cheryl Gardipee, 33 years; Carla Swanson, 32 years; Lauri Kopp, 28 years; Debra Bartnikowski, 23 years; Cindy Rudd, 23 years; Diane Erickson, 16 years; Darlene Hawley, 16 years; Guy Kay, 16 years; and Kristine Heirman, 13 years.

IRON MOUNTAIN – Dickinson County Healthcare System recently honored more than two dozen departing employees with its annual retirement tea.

The ceremony celebrated 27 retirees in all, with a tenure ranging from 40 to 13 years of service.

“It is truly amazing when you look at the combined years of service from this group, how many years they have dedicated to our health care system,” said John Schon, DCHS administrator and CEO.

“Some of these people have spent their entire work career with DCHS, which I think is a testament to our culture and the family atmosphere that we have created,” Schon said. “We will surely miss these folks, but they have all done a great job passing the baton to their successors. I thank them all for their years of service and the entire DCHS staff wishes them well in their retirement.”