North Dickinson adjusts to losing staff member

FELCH — North Dickinson County School District will advertise for a new guidance counselor and physical education instructor after learning the person now in that position plans to leave Jan. 31.

Angie Jungwirth officially notified Superintendent/Principal Angel Inglese about 3 p.m. Monday of her decision to go to the Breitung Township School District, though Inglese stressed Jungwirth had kept her informed the entire time she was under consideration for the other job.

Jungwirth was torn about leaving North Dickinson, said board president Carl Steinbrecher, who also is Jungwirth’s father. But he couldn’t advise her against the opportunity, he said.

“It was just hard,” Steinbrecher told the North Dickinson County School Board on Monday.

The district will seek someone who can be both guidance counselor and has physical education experience, as Jungwirth is the only person at North Dickinson certified as a high school gym instructor.

The district also will need to make several adjustments to cover what Jungwirth had been teaching at North Dickinson for the rest of the school year, Inglese said. Details still are being worked out.

In other business, the board:

— Authorized purchasing 17 iPads and covers at a total cost of $6,818, to be paid with Title II, Part D, funds transferred from Title II, Part A money received by the district. The iPads will be used by first-grade students for early literacy and mathematics.

— Kept the current lineup for board positions: Steinbrecher as president, Lynn Oman as vice president, Marsha Hord as secretary and Jacquelen Schemmel as treasurer.

— Gave its early blessing to plans for the senior class trip June 4 to June 8 to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, where class president A.J. Alexa said they plan to visit the Mall of America, Valleyfair amusement park and the Como Park Zoo. The class did not have final figures for the cost of the trip, as they didn’t want to put in reservations or deposits if the itinerary was not acceptable to the school board, said Vicki Johnson, a fourth-grade teacher who also is senior class adviser. They will report back to the board when final figures are in, but already have raised about $15,000 for the trip and intend to have about $20,000 in the end, Alexa said. About 22 people plan to make the trip.

— Will be able to split the second grade from 22 to two classes of 11 for English and mathematics, Inglese said, by funding additional teaching time under Title II, which promotes class reduction.