Florence, Dickinson announce road weight restrictions

FLORENCE, Wis. — The Florence County Highway Department will impose temporary seasonal weight restrictions on all county trunk highways (N, B, C, D, U and NN) at 8 a.m. Friday, or when all signs are uncovered, said Jeff DeMuri, county highway commissioner.

The seasonal restrictions — for county highways only — are six tons per axle with a maximum of 18 tons gross. Town weight restrictions may vary.

The Dickinson County Road Commission, meanwhile, will impose and enforce seasonal weight limit and speed restrictions on all county roads beginning Saturday at 10 a.m. until further notice.

Up to normal loads are permitted on roads designated as “all season.” A list of all season roads can be found on the commission’s website at www.dickinsoncrc.com.

Additional information in regards to restrictions in Dickinson County and statewide can be found on the County Road Association of Michigan’s website at www.micountyroads.org.

For other questions in regard to restriction information and updates please call the Dickinson County Road Commission at 906-774-1588.