Missoula Children’s Theatre back in town

Auditions planned Monday for production of musical Aladdin July 22

DURING LAST YEAR’S production of “Pinocchio” director Kate Brauneis, left, works with Conn Davis, Villainous Fox; William Fairchild, Pinocchio; and Anna Lundholm, the mischievous Cat. The Missoula Children’s Theatre is back in town Monday holding auditions for “Aladdin,” with two performances on July 22.

IRON MOUNTAIN — Two members of the Missoula Children’s Theatre will be back in Iron Mountain Monday with a trailer of costumes, props and makeup needed to put on a production.

And this production will showcase the talents of local youth in grades through 12 on July 22.

With the Friends of the Braumart taking ownership of the theater last year, the Missoula Children’s Theatre was a part of the first-year line up putting on the production of “Pinocchio.”

This year, they are back with the musical “Aladdin” with plans to feature approximately 40 youth.

Along with the auditions, high school students will be selected to be an assistant director, tech person and stage manager — learning about team work and receiving some theatrical experience.

According to Jinx Brew of the Friends of the Braumart, the Missoula Children’s Theatre has been coming into towns and putting on productions for more than 35 years. The sponsoring theater provides piano players and a place for the two people from Missoula to stay for the week.

“This is something for younger people at the Braumart and gives them a chance to learn more about the theatre by being involved in a production,” she said. “We were pretty amazed to get them (Missoula) here last year and hope it’s an annual part of our programming.”

There is no registration for students to audition Monday, but they need to arrive at 9:30 a.m. at the Braumart with auditions starting at 10 a.m. If they are selected to be in the musical, there is a $30 fee to participate for the week, Brew said.

She added that auditions on Monday will run until noon and if selected, rehearsals start at 12:30 p.m. The cast members will also rehearse each day — Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a half hour lunch break.

There are many roles to be filled during auditions including Aladdin and his mother; Princess Dory and her father, the Sultan and his adviser the Grand Viser, the keeper of the Book of Answers, Dinazade and her sister Scheherazade; the Mysterious One; some mischievous genies; a stubborn donkey; a spunky goat; scheming Cassim; Ali Baba, Sinbad and his sailors; wise-cracking palm trees; camels; a Cave of Wonders; vagabonds; and a pack of lost penguins.

There will be two performances of “Aladdin” on July 22 — at 3 and 5:30 p.m. — on the Braumart stage.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre residency in Iron Mountain is sponsored by the Friends of the Braumart with support from the Constellation Community Champions.

For more information, go to friendsofthebraumart.org or call 906-239-9002 The Braumart Theater is located at 106 West B St. in Iron Mountain.