Breitung Township holds steady on tax rate

QUINNESEC — The Breitung Township Board on Wednesday approved a balanced 2018 budget that keeps the tax rate steady but pulls in about $66,000 less in property tax revenue than this year, due to Michigan Tax Tribunal settlements.

The township’s tax rate of $4.20 per $1,000 of taxable value has remained the same since 2010.

Property taxes are expected to generate $887,780 in general fund revenue for the township in 2018, down from $953,980 this year. Personal property taxes should add about $221,100 to the revenue stream, and combine with other miscellaneous funding sources to put total 2018 general fund revenues at $1.66 million.

General fund expenditures also are listed at $1.66 million, but the board was required to use $30,770 from general fund cash reserves to balance out the budget.

The top expenses in the general fund are buildings and grounds at $235,720, due to planned office renovations; the fire department at $212,520; and road construction at $207,000.

The Quinnesec water fund, East Kingsford water fund, refuse collection fund, cemetery fund and sewer fund each have their own budgets.

Certain elected and appointed officials, as well as all hourly employees, will see a 2 percent pay increase in 2018. The township superintendent will get a 5 percent raise.

The supervisor salary will remain at $9,200 per year; the clerk and treasurer salaries each will increase from $45,675 to $46,588.50 per year; trustee salaries will remain at $60 per month, $45 per board meeting and $40 per committee meeting; the superintendent salary will increase from $58,870 per year and $100 per month for mileage to $61,813.50 per year, with mileage remaining the same; the Department of Public Works superintendent salary will increase from $64,702 to $65,996 per year; the assessor salary will remain at $60,900 per year; and the fire chief salary will remain at $700 per month.

Hourly DPW workers will earn between $19.28 and $23.58 an hour, while hourly clerical workers will earn between $17.64 and $18.62.

In other business, the board:

— Agreed to support the Dickinson County Library’s fundraising effort by purchasing $500 in advertising. The township cannot “donate” revenue to the cause, but it can purchase a bookcase as an advertising venue for the township website, Township Superintendent John Gaudette explained.

— Supported the Iron Mountain-Kingsford Joint Sewage Authority’s request that the Dickinson County Road Commission abandon roads that were platted but never developed on the sewer authority’s property in the Skidmore area of the township. Attorney Steve Tinti said the roads need to be abandoned so he can certify control of the entire sewer plant site in an application to fund plant improvements.