Ninomiya releases activity report

IRON MOUNTAIN — Dickinson County District Court Judge Christopher Ninomiya has issued his activity report for the month of November.

New criminal cases filed included 24 felonies, 39 misdemeanors, and 10 operating while intoxicated misdemeanors.

New civil cases filed included 43 general civil cases, 19 small claims cases, and three landlord-tenant cases.

New traffic cases filed included 32 misdemeanors and 145 civil infractions.

There were five non-traffic civil infractions.

Criminal dispositions included six guilty pleas to felonies reduced to misdemeanors, 13 preliminary examinations — two of which were bound over to circuit court and 11 of which were waived over to circuit court, one felony plea accepted in district court, 24 misdemeanors, and three operating while intoxicated misdemeanors.

Civil dispositions included 31 general civil cases, 25 small claims cases, and four landlord-tenant cases.

Traffic dispositions included 24 misdemeanors and 148 civil infractions.

There were nine non-traffic civil infractions.

In other activity, there were five court trials, seven probation violations, one drug-sobriety court referral, four alcohol highway safety school referrals, three shoplifters’ counseling program referrals, four sheriff’s work van referrals, four alcohol counseling referrals, 14 showcause hearings, and seven marriage ceremonies.

Funds turned over to Dickinson County Treasurer Lorna Carey totaled $66,569.36. The court trust was $13,352.33.