Breitung sends letter on school safety matter

KINGSFORD — Breitung Township School District administrators would like to assure parents of school safety after rumors of a threat to the school recently circled on social media websites.

District Superintendent Craig Allen said Thursday the incident stemmed from comments made by a middle school student but he’s not sure how the date of March 13 became attached to it.

The district takes all potential threats seriously, Allen noted.

“In this particular incident, in consult with the Dickinson County Prosecutor’s Office, Kingsford Public Safety Director, and a probation officer, this particular threat was deemed to have been a poor choice of words made in an inappropriate way that was taken out of context,” Allen said in a letter sent via e-mail to parents and guardians and posted on the district’s Facebook page Wednesday evening.

The potential threat was handled with “a thorough investigation, direct involvement from Kingsford Public Safety, a risk assessment for the behavior in question, and appropriate disciplinary actions,” Allen’s letter stated.

He added Thursday that any anxiety about the situation is unwarranted.

Allen encouraged parents and guardians to communicate directly with school administrators rather than through social media websites when they have concerns about school safety or any other aspect of their child’s education.

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