Kingsford meth suspects arraigned

IRON MOUNTAIN — Three Kingsford residents were arraigned Friday afternoon in Dickinson County District Court on charges stemming from a methamphetamine bust Monday at their home.

More arraignments and arrests may be to come, Kingsford Public Safety officials said.

Those formally charged include 54-year-old Robert Harold Anderson, 44-year-old Tracie Lynn Anderson and 25-year-old Amber Nicole Londree.

Robert Anderson faces operating or maintaining a meth lab near specified places, a 20-year felony; purchase or possess ephedrine or pseudoephedrine to make meth, a five-year felony; and a habitual offender-fourth status, which increases the maximum penalty on both charges to life.

Tracie Anderson has the same charges but without the habitual offender status.

Londree faces operating or maintaining a laboratory involving hazardous waste, a 20-year felony; soliciting another to obtain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, a 10-year felony; and a habitual offender-second status, which increases the maximum penalty on the first charge to 30 years and the second to 15 years.

All three will return to court for probable cause conferences April 2 and preliminary examinations April 9.

Londree reportedly disposed of meth waste near Cowboy Lake in Kingsford, according to the criminal complaint.

A resident found the dumpsite March 10 and reported it to authorities, KPS officers said in a press release.

Officers interviewed Londree on Monday and they obtained a search warrant for her home at 216 Cleveland Ave., according to the release. They believe she had others in the residence, including Robert and Tracie Anderson, buy Sudafed so she could make meth, the complaint states.

Robert and Tracie Anderson are accused of allowing the manufacture of meth in their residence, according to the complaint.

Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team officers disposed of the hazardous materials found in the home, and the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department declared the residence “unfit for human habitation.”

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