School threat case goes to Delta prosecutor

ESCANABA — The case of a student who allegedly threatened to commit a school shooting at Escanaba Senior High School has been referred to the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office, Escanaba Public Safety officers said.

The incident has also prompted new security measures at the Escanaba High School building.

At about 12:34 p.m. Wednesday, Escanaba Public Safety responded to the school to look into a report that threats had been made by a student. After investigating and finding that the threats in question were made and were credible, the student was taken into custody and was evaluated by a professional from Pathways Community Mental Health.

The student was lodged at Bay Pines Juvenile Detention Facility in Escanaba.

Officers said a petition request was sent to the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office Wednesday. If charges are filed, the case will likely be handled through Delta County Probate Court.

As a result of the incident, new security measures have been introduced. All doors in the Escanaba High School building will be locked while school is in session from now on.

School personnel will monitor the building’s front and rear entrances to meet visitors, who will sign in and receive visitor passes.