Winter Break Out Saturday

Niagara Historical Museum photo

Winter Break Out is planned Saturday at the Niagara Historical Museum. The dedication of the new ski jump exhibit, including interviews with former ski jumpers, will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. at 1364 River St. in Niagara. Above, the Niagara Junior Ski Club poses for a photo in March 1975. From left, in the front row Chris Connis, Ray Brault, Tom Brault, Mike Goudreau, Roger Maes; in the middle row, Peter Ponzio, Mike McCormick, Danny Recla, Doug DePas, Pat Recla, Tim Sexton, Ken Maes, Rich Steeno, Boyd Morstad; in the back row are Doug Maes, Ed O’Connell, Eugene Steeno, Mertin Brault and Frank Lake. Julie Brault Wodenka and Kelly DePas Rumpf are the young girls on snow in the background of the photo.