Prison expected for Wool in shootings at people, injuring horses

LUKE WOOL, RIGHT, appears Monday in Iron County Trial Court with defense attorney Michael Scholke to accept a plea deal. (Nikki Younk/Daily News photo)

CRYSTAL FALLS — A Crystal Falls man still faces a lengthy prison term after accepting a plea deal Monday on charges he put the lives of at least three people in danger while shooting at draft horses last year in Crystal Falls Township.

The minimum sentence for 20-year-old Luke Wool likely will be between six years and nine months to 11 years and three months, according to a preliminary scoring of Michigan sentencing guidelines cited by Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell and defense attorney Michael Scholke.

Wool pleaded no contest in Iron County Trial Court to felony attempted murder, meaning the maximum sentence can be any term of years up to life.

Powell dismissed charges of discharge a firearm in or at a building, a 10-year felony; two counts of killing or torturing animals, a four-year felony; and felony firearm, a two-year felony. But Wool must pay restitution for the horse he killed and the one he injured, Powell noted.

Judge C. Joseph Schwedler will determine the exact sentence July 9. Wool will remain in the Iron County Jail without bond until then.

The jury trial, scheduled to begin June 11, has been cancelled.

Wool told Iron County deputies he shot and killed a horse in the area of U.S. 2 in Crystal Falls Township on Feb. 24, 2017, while “playing ‘American Sniper'” and then shot and injured another horse March 16, 2017, because it “laughed” at him, according to a previous court hearing.

He also admitted to firing twice at neighboring homes, according to a portion of the police report read in court.

A female neighbor was working in her yard with her dogs on the March date when she heard gunshots and had to duck to avoid the bullet, which pierced a tree in her yard, the report states.

A male neighbor was doing maintenance work outside his home about the same time when he heard a bullet pass over his head and saw it go through his window, which was about 6 to 8 feet from where he was standing, according to the report.

The bullet landed on the home’s floor about 10 feet from where the man’s wife had been, the report states.

The horses’ owner told deputies he saw a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and carrying a rifle run across his property, according to the report.

Wool admitted taking five guns and ammunition from the gun safe of his pastor and the pastor’s wife. He had been living in their home and listened in on their conversations to figure out how to get into the safe, according to a previous court hearing.

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