Area school districts finalizing budgets

Several area school districts set their 2018-19 budgets this week, although final approval will come in late June to include final bills for the current fiscal year.

The proposed budgets include:

Breitung Township Schools District

The proposed 2018-19 budget lists $17,193,454 in projected expenditures and $17,280,908 in revenue, leaving an estimated $87,455 that will raise the district’s fund equity to $1,757,152 by the end of June 2019, Finance Director Jennifer Huotari told the school board Monday.

Revenues include $3,318,992 in local revenue, $13,433,183 from state sources, $232,949 in federal money and $295,784 from other financing.

The tax rate for the operating budget will be 18 mills, or $18 per $1,000 of taxable non-residential or commercial property value, the same as the current year. Residents will pay a total of 4.9 mills, or $4.90 per $1,000 on taxable property value.

The budget will be finalized at a special meeting set for 7 p.m. June 25 at the central office board room. An audit has not yet been done, Huotari added.

Iron Mountain School District

Iron Mountain should close out its fiscal year this month more than $91,000 in the black and looks to add about $164,000 to that fund balance in 2018-19, Iron Mountain School officials project.

The Iron Mountain School Board on Monday approved a 2018-19 budget with $7,482,200 in total expenditures and total revenues of $7,646,304, including $1,781,848 in local revenue, $5,336,391 from state sources, $359,388 in federal money and $168,377 from other financing.

Available revenues will be $7,253,254, funded by a tax rate of 17.937 mills, or $17.94 per $1,000 of taxable property value, the same as the current fiscal year.

A final 2018-19 budget will be approved 6 p.m. June 28, when more year-end data is available, in the board room in the superintendent’s office.

Norway-Vulcan Area School District

The Norway-Vulcan Area Schools Board on Wednesday approved a $6.7 million budget for the 2018-19 academic year that keeps the operating millage steady at 17.94 mills, or $17.94 per $1,000 of taxable value.

Total revenues are projected to be $6,712,077, with $1,264,281 from local sources, $5,288,090 from state, $155,001 from federal and $4,705 from other.

Estimated expenditures are $6,657,195, with $3,982,258 going to instruction, $2,493,956 to support services and $180,981 to other.

The fund balance at the start of the year will be $589,090, and should be about $643,972 at the end of the year if revenues and expenditures remain the same. Revenues will have to be adjusted to take into account state aid of $240 per pupil, rather than the budgeted $230 per pupil, Superintendent Lou Steigerwald said. But he added it’s difficult to predict just how many students the district will have next year.

The athletic fund has revenues and expenditures both at $207,940, while the food service fund has revenues of $332,731 and expenditures of $334,943. The deficit in the food service fund comes from fewer meal orders, Steigerwald said.

The district’s operating millage, which generates about $1 million in a $6 million budget, will be up for renewal on the August ballot. Although ballot language requires it to be listed as an increase, it is simply a renewal that will not raise taxes, Steigerwald pointed out.

The board will meet at 4:30 p.m. June 26 to make final budget adjustments for the 2017-18 academic year.

North Dickinson County School District

North Dickinson County Schools again should be able to continue to carry over money in the next year, with a projected fund balance of $216,299 for fiscal year 2018-19.

The district now anticipates having $235,885 that will remain when the current budget year ends June 30, said Michael Roell, business manager for the district.

The tax rate will stay at 18.00 mills — or $18 per $1,000 of taxable property value — for the district’s proposed $2,497,674 operating budget, plus 1.00 mill for the sinking fund, used for building, and .84 mills for the school technology and bus bond voters approved in March 2016.

The district estimates revenues for 2018-19 of $2,600,796, compared with $2,649,212 for 2017-18. That leaves a margin of only about $2,627, which Roell said “is going to be, in my opinion, tight.”

But Roell said he’ll continue to look for further savings.

Final consideration of the 2018-19 budget will be 6 p.m. June 27 in the school library.

Daily News staff Theresa Proudfit, Marguerite Lanthier, Nikki Younk and Betsy Bloom contributed to this report.