Ghost town exhibit at Iron County museum

CASPIAN — What is a Ghost Town? Is it some place where nobody lives? Where there are no stores, theaters, or other businesses? Where there is a “haunted house”?

In the Iron River area, they have a “Ghost Town called “Gibbs City.” They also have a Gibbs City Road and a Gibbs City CCC Camp, but there is no evidence of a Gibbs City as all of its last buildings that were once there were burned to the ground.

In every Michigan Upper Peninsula county there are several communities that could be considered ghost towns. However, a very special exhibit that will be on display at the Iron County Museum in Caspian through Sept. 2 features only one ghost town from each of the Upper Peninsula counties.

And Gibbs City was selected to represent Iron County. The stories of these selected ghost towns are told through historic and contemporary photographs, a history of each site, and drone video footage. The exhibit, which was produced by Northern Michigan University is part of its Beaumier Heritage Center collection and is on rental to the Iron County Museum.

There is no special charge to view and enjoy the exhibit during its time at the Iron County Museum. Only regular daily admission rates to the museum will apply thanks to a “Quick Grant” from the Michigan Humanities Council for this very special event.