On grapes and gullible voters


I just today found out a big reason about what’s happening with our voting results. I was shopping at a local grocery store and saw some beautiful white grapes that were $5.99 a pound, so I took a bag of them. I moved on a little further into the produce department and saw some more, just as nice, priced at $4.99 a pound. So, I took the more expensive ones back to the other counter to exchange. There was a young lady there, maybe early 20s, considering buying the more expensive white grapes, so I told her about the cheaper ones. She said: “The reason these cost more is because they taste like cotton candy.” I looked at the cellophane package, and it said: “Cotton Candy Grapes.” So she bought the more expensive ones. Maybe she also votes?

Scary that all the “Citizens United” money in our elections these days is buying this kind of non-thinking, gullible voters.

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.