Sees no reason to support Trump


This letter is a response to the recent letter by the chairman of the Dickinson County Republican Committee. Mr. Wally Townsend’s letter was a plea for Congress and the American people to support the proposals of President Trump.

I, for one, would be happy to support these proposals as soon as they make sense for most Americans. To date, this has not been the case. For instance, the stock market was doing fine prior to Mr. Trump taking office. It’s doing even better now, but why wouldn’t it? His proposals to strip away the regulations that have protected American workers and the environment certainly add to profits, and the stock market knows this. But what a price we all pay for this increase.

How about his proposals regarding the drug czar position, the Puerto Rico disaster, America’s health care system, etc. The list goes on and on. Are we being asked to support all of this? I think not.

Let’s now put aside politics for a moment and just dwell on President Trump’s standing as a principled leader most Americans and our allies admire. I rest my case.

I just hope the 2018 mid-term elections reflect the unhappiness of Republicans and Democrats alike in the present direction of our country. We can do better.

Norm Mika