The real show of disrespect to flag


What does the flag represent? I believe this is a personal and very individual decision.

If it represents the American ideals of justice, liberty and respect for all Americans, we don’t seem to have fully accomplished that.

If it represents the rights and privileges embodied in the Constitution, we as a nation have not achieved that goal, either.

If it only represents our fallen warriors, then we should stand in honor of them.

It is clear that white Caucasians are much closer to having obtained the values and privileges of the Constitution and the American ideals than other minority groups.

If it represents good, uncorrupted governance, the present administration clearly has a long way to go.

Our country was based on resistance to the injustice of British rule. I believe the right and responsibility to object in non-violent means is inherent in our country’s values and important for this country’s movement forward. It seems to me that the American ideals and Constitutional rights should be realized by all racial and ethnic groups in all areas of this country.

Dissent always requires some measure of courage and risk. In this case the dissent involves the militarization and fear that many people in urban and rural black and Hispanic communities live under.

In my opinion, name calling, disrespecting gold star families and mocking legitimate, respectful dissent over our shortcomings is disrespectful to the flag and all those who died for this country.

Gilbert Engel

Niagara, Wis.