Who really does Congress serve?


Our House of Representatives is actually considering a bill to legalize silencers for guns nationwide. If the shooter in Las Vegas had had a nice, legal silencer, he could have possibly taken many more lives before he had to stop when the sound of his guns gave away his position. Flash suppressors also would have been a plus in helping to rack up his already-record total of lives taken.

I called my congressman and his office said the bill has been pulled from the floor for the present time. I wonder why?

Could it be the national discussion? Imagine how angry the people who own these Congressional representatives are at the delay in this bill. If you owned a Congressman, wouldn’t you be angry after pouring tons of cash his or her way and then they suddenly stopped working on your agenda because of how that would look to the voters?

Imagine the fear in the hearts of these Congressional representatives, walking the fine line between the media and the majority of the voters and their owners’ interests. You almost have to feel sorry for them. Almost.

But cheer up, House of Representatives. There is a shooting in America almost every day and the people who are not numb to this soon will be. And remember, most of these shootings never even get national attention, so once this Las Vegas thing blows over, in about a week I imagine, you can go back to the agenda of those who own you and whom you serve.

What’s that, you say? What about their Oath of Office to work for the American people as a whole? Oh come now, you knew that was just their lame attempt at comedy. Make sure you vote in 2018, when every Congressional seat is up for re-election. And make sure you vote for the incumbent, so the present insanity continues.

Meanwhile if you see people falling and you cannot hear a sound or if they are falling and you know not where the chaos is raining from, just run. What direction? Who cares? You really will be on your own.

As the saying goes, “Good luck with that.”

Donald Lison

Florence, Wis.