Strong response to medical emergency made a difference

Bouquets & Barbs


From Mary Larson, Sheboygan, Wis.:

Monday, while at our second residence in Norway, my husband experienced a medical emergency with symptoms resembling a stroke. I wish to express my sincere gratitude and give accolades to all who responded so capably and found the cause of the problem through excellent analysis and testing to get him on the track back to strength. With reference back to horrific tales I had heard expressed about so many things in my growing-up area, I say our experience was unbelievably efficient and in some ways superior to any of the urban areas we have been to for care, from my relatives and ambulance personnel to all we encountered, including the hospitable coffee offerer.

Without intentionally missing any of the medical professionals we encountered, suffice it to say, at 5 a.m. when I arrived at Dickinson County Hospital from Norway, several tests were underway and the process of eliminating causes was right on target. From his arrival, the ER Physician and great staff, the personable and calming reassurances were welcomed. The hospitalist, the second-floor staff where he was admitted, all of the technicians from interpreting scans and blood analysis, and all floor employees offering smiles and hope before I knew much … I offer my sincere thanks.

So quick we are to judge and listen to the negative, to the naysayers. I say, perhaps you get in line with what you give. Instead of being a part of the chronic complaining, be a part of offering the solutions. I do not pretend to be faultless in my complaining, but do feel obligated morally to speak out for jobs well done.

Turned out to be a diabetes-related reaction we had not seen before.

Thank you all … keep on keeping on.

Enjoyed article, photos on snowy owls in region


From William Schmitt, Faithorn:

Many thanks to the Daily News for the picture and article Thursday about the arctic snow owl.

After working in the woods for many years and seeing now and then one of these majestic owls come silently gliding through the openings in the trees, it brought back some good memories.