Library needs help to reach goal in time

The clock is ticking. Or in this case, perhaps an hourglass would be more fitting, with the sand at the top getting more shallow by the day.

After all, the deadline comes with the New Year.

The Dickinson County Public Library in late November sent out the crowdfunding challenge/plea for $20,000 in contributions, to be raised in roughly a month’s time, for a proposed major interior renovation at its downtown Iron Mountain building.

Plans now call for installing multi-level and enhanced lighting within the reading room, providing more comfortable and modern seating, integrating of the fiction collection for easier browsing, relocating the large print collection for greater accessibility and adding another community meeting room plus reference desk. Access to the handicapped restrooms also would be improved.

That additional $20,000 would help. But it’s not just that amount that is in play. If achieved, the $20,000 will earn a matching grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Public Spaces Community Places program.

So $20,000 becomes $40,000 — but only if that $20,000 comes in by Dec. 31.

That’s only 11 days away. And as of today, the tally sits at $6,190 of the $20,000 goal, with 26 patrons.

Truth is, the library project will happen even if the money never comes through. The library board already has set aside $130,000 for the project and plans to boost that amount to about $175,000 in 2018, said Megan Buck, director of the Dickinson County Library.

Yet the changes will not be at the scale envisioned. And not raising the total leaves a perfectly good $20,000 on the table.

So the pace of those donations needs to pick up. Fast.

Yes, it’s the holiday season, when people have other matters that draw their attention. It’s understandable people might not have had time to contribute.

But the excuses should end next week.

The library is a community gathering place and this project would make it better suited to that role. So whether a regular patron or just an occasional visitor, consider after the frenzy of Christmas clears making a donation to the Dickinson County Public Library project.

More details and a rendition of the proposed renovation can be viewed at That page also has a Patronicity link,, for donations.

Again, time is growing short. Once 2018 arrives, it’ll be too late. It would be a shame should that extra $20,000 be allowed to slip away.