Saying goodbye to two teens too soon

The year 2017 had more than its share of sorrow in the loss of young people on the cusp of adulthood in our community.

In mid-June, Norway High School senior-to-be Bryan Stanchina drowned coming to the aid of another swimmer struggling in the rain-swollen Menominee River.

And Saturday, Kingsford High School seniors Taylor Bosley and Jolene Treml died in a crash on M-95 in Sagola Township as they headed north for a Flivvers hockey game.

That they all were in their senior year seems especially poignant. Perhaps no other year in a person’s life do the possibilities seem so open, so attainable, no longer far in the future but ready to be seized.

It should have been a year all three got to savor as the weeks wound down to graduation and the journey began to what comes beyond.

Instead, another area high school and community is left grieving, as the funerals take place today for Jolene Treml and Friday for Taylor Bosley.

Yet the emphasis for now should be on the good memories. So we asked staff from Kingsford High School to tell us more about these two young women.

From Lisa Harry, KHS counselor: “These two beautiful girls will be remembered as caring, compassionate and fun-loving. They both were very well-liked by their teachers and classmates. We are all experiencing great sadness, heartache and emptiness. Their impact reached far beyond the walls of Kingsford High School. They had many friends from other schools as well as their church communities. We lost two beautiful souls, two seniors, two friends and two members of our Flivver Family in Taylor and Jolene. Somehow, someway, the healing process will begin. We are grateful for our strong, supportive and loving community to help us through this.

“Jolene was planning on attending NWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) to pursue a nursing degree and Taylor was looking at possibly attending St. Norbert, St. Thomas or (the University of Wisconsin) Oshkosh college to pursue a degree in English or criminal justice.”

From Jeff Harry, computer teacher: “They both were fun to be around and full of school spirit.”

From Mary Oberthaler, business teacher: “They both were always smiling, very into fashion and social butterflies.”

From Scott Kleiman, math teacher: “They both were very helpful and polite when working with the middle school students during their peer-to-peer hour.”

From Lori Pirkola, math teacher: “Taylor will always be remembered as a kind, sweet, compassionate and beautiful girl who was loved by everyone. She was a ‘bright light’ in class with her determination and passion to always do her very best.

“Jolene will be remembered as a very determined, hardworking and fun-loving girl that brought a delightful spirit to class each day. She would always bring a smile to anyone’s face on any given day with her positive attitude and love for everyone.”

From Sarah Western, art teacher: “Taylor’s face shines bright in my memory. I remember Taylor’s smile. When she smiled, she glowed, radiating a sunshine and warmth that spread to others. Her eyes were thoughtful, sweet and kind. Already, I miss Taylor, but my memories of her gracious, vibrant spirit will never fade.”