Some bad actors at the local movie theatre

Bouquets & Barbs

Barb: My wife and I recently attended a local theatre. This theatre has recently upgraded their entire building and now has two levels of seating. They have a VIP area, which gives you a nicer seat, more room to stretch and wider spaces between seats for the armrests. Very nice, but they do cost a bit more.

They are also assigned and you purchase a certain seat and are expected to sit in that seat. When we purchased our tickets, we could see on the computerized chart that we were the only people who bought the upgrade. Yet we had to sit in seats other than the ones we bought, as other people were in “our” seats. The seat I purchased was being used for a coat storage for a group of several couples who has given themselves an upgrade.

Let us think for a moment about what a theatre has to sell. There is the filmed image and the sound, of course, and then the money they make on food and drinks. This theatre also sells the upgrades. If you do not pay for that upgrade but you sit in those seats anyhow, you are not being clever. You are a thief. You have stolen real profit from the theatre. It does not matter if those seats had been purchased or not. You did not purchase them and by using them stole revenue from the theatre.

In the entire theater that we were in, only one couple sat in the standard seating and we were the only people who purchased the upgrade. We know this as we came in just as the picture began and we saw the diagram. Yet at least three couples were in the upgrade seats who did not purchase them.

I wonder if those folks have the same philosophy in the supermarket. If no one has bought that package of steaks and you can get away with stuffing them into your coat, why not?

It is stealing from a business and, in some cases, stealing from the people who did pay for that product –in this case the upgraded seats. We know you are very comfortable stealing small things, so what might your upper limit be, if you have one.

Finally, we could have gone to management and demanded that you be moved and the theatre would have done this. That would have caused a commotion and other people who were not stealing from the theatre would have had less enjoyment.

The shame is on you, and as you appeared to be in our age bracket, one wonders how many products you have been comfortable stealing over your lifespan. As I said the shame is on you.