Praise for work done at North Elementary

Bouquets and Barbs

Bouquet: As a grandparent and busy teacher, I am not always able to attend school programs for my grandchildren, Jude and Eloise Johnson. However, I recently was able to be at their awards program at Iron Mountain’s North Elementary.

As a high school teacher, it always amazes me when I walk into an elementary world of teachers and little ones, and I am reminded how they expertly and lovingly prepare them for middle and high school. What is especially impressive and refreshing about North Elementary — and I’ve witnessed and felt this every time I’ve attended an event — is that they have created a culture that works. The genuine, positive and nurturing environment is no accident, as this is what they demonstrate every day. It’s like “family.”

Thank you, Mr. Bianco, Mrs. Pirkola, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Hart and the countless others who work so tirelessly to not only educate our children, but to love and respect them, and help them see their potential at such a young age.