Staff at hospital ‘unsung heroes’

Bouquets and Barbs


From Diane Schabo, Iron Mountain:

Lately I’ve heard many unsettling stories about Dickinson County Healthcare System and, to be honest, it has given me food for thought.

However, I want to give Dickinson County Memorial Hospital a shout-out. I just had a procedure done locally and I can’t say enough good things about my doctor, anesthesiologist and ACU nurses. These unsung heroes deserve not only a pat on the back but a raise. They are the backbone of our hospital and have made a difference in many lives, mine included.

Thank you, staff at DCH, for your care and professionalism. You’re the best.

The good and not-so-good about IM’s new dog park

Bouquet and Barb

From Agatha Cavaiani, Kingsford:

Now that the primary election is out of the way, let’s talk about City Park going to the dogs. The fencing and benches look great but does not add to the beautification of City Park. A little too close to the playground but leaving space for the picnic area, which City Park was originally used for.

Know that the dog park will be well maintained, kept clean by the dog owners and barking kept to a minimum, especially on hot, humid days when other activities are happening.

Hope the funding was done through private donations or grants, as the city is experiencing budget cuts and land use monies for long-awaited necessary projects.

Dog lovers visit, use and enjoy both parks.