A plea to leave grave flowers be


For four of the past six years my family has had baskets of flowers, including a shepherd’s hook, stolen from the Quinnesec Cemetery. This included a basket of flowers from my father’s grave, which was clearly marked with an American Flag honoring his service to our country in World War II. It is difficult to imagine how anyone could derive pleasure from something stolen from a grave, but he or she is out there somewhere.

To the thief: I would gladly buy some flowers for you, or donate some, but please leave those meant for our loved one where they have been placed. I am sure this message will not reach the thief, because I believe it is unlikely that someone who robs graves would be a reader of an op/ed page. I realize that the authorities can do little about this problem, but people should be aware of it.

When I went to purchase replacement flowers at the Gardening Place in Norway, I related this incident to the nice lady/owner who donated the flowers and refused to accept payment. Her kindness was in direct contrast to the thief who stole the flowers.

Jim Verley