The New World Order Party


We no longer have a Democratic Party, it is now the New World Order Party.

Remember after the Gulf War when President Bush said a “New World Order” has begun. This is not just something that man dreamed up, it is predicted in the Bible. It started in Europe when President Reagan said to the Russians, “Tear down this wall,” meaning the Berlin Wall. Europe has undergone drastic changes since then, none good. They took down border walls and people were allowed to move about at will from country to country. Well, look what it got them, with the Muslims infiltrating Europe with violence and killing.

You have Trump saying he is going to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., and the Democrats are wild about that. We have Hillary saying “no walls.” Remember, the New World Order wants no walls, open borders everywhere.

President Obama has allowed evil to raise it head in our country, and there is no outcry from Americans. The Democratic Party is the party of evil today. I was born in 1945, I know what this country was and what it is now, and I for one, a patriot, a veteran and a conservative, do not like our current state.

We have a president who has lied to the American people, now we have Hillary, who wants to be president, and she is a liar supreme, even worst than Obama.

The Clintons have been in trouble since Bill was governor of Arkansas, with Whitewater, and Vince Foster being killed. This Clinton Foundation is a disgrace. Her email scandal is impeachable. The lies about Benghazi more scandal. This woman is evil in every way, she can look right into a camera and lie. I hear people say, enough of the Bushes when Jeb was running, well I tell you, enough of the Clintons and their lies, and immoral dealings.

We just came off of 7 1/2 years of no leadership – look at the condition of the world under this idiot and his ideology. America cannot make a mistake and put Hillary in the presidency. I tell you, she will destroy the Second Amendment. So, you hunters and gun owners out there, beware when you vote in November. Did you see her on TV when asked if we have a right to own guns? You saw her refuse to answer. Why? She wants the guns.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I am an independent. I vote for who I feel will be best for all Americans and America. Political parties do not work. I want and need someone to tell me the truth, no matter if it hurts. For the sake of America, we better get this election right – we must turn the moral fiber of this country around before God judges us. God will not allow this evil to go on forever in America.

Allan Peterson