Charity often going to those ‘who do not need it’

Speak Out:

In response to last week’s ” Some taking advantage of charity.”

I could not agree more with you. That is the reason I do not donate, because it always goes to those who do not need it. I believe there should be an income limit/level for all these programs, so that it’s not going to the ones who do not need it or the same people. Also, if you are currently on welfare, food card, WIC and any other assistance you should not be eligible. You are already getting your food free, probably your rent paid or some of it and utilities paid for. I see people paying for their food with the bridge card, but yet turn around and buy cigarettes, beer, PS4 and games … or even them electric cars/trucks that can cost $100 to $400, big-screen TVs, laptops, fancy phones. Most of these people drive around in fancy cars, too. If you can afford these items, you don’t need assistance. Assistance is to aid someone, not a lifelong commitment, so you can live high off the state. Then, with the holiday coming, you have them benefiting from giving trees — pay attention to them on sale sites on Facebook, because most of them turn around and sell the stuff or return it to the store for the money. I believe that if you can afford to sit in the bar, smoke cigarettes and go out to eat and stop at them coffee places, you do not need assistance. Most of these people who take advantage of these charity programs end up having a better birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., than those of us who actually work for what we have. Obama has been the great divider Abraham Lincoln’s statement “you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” is important. Why is this important now? We have an electorate that seems very divided. The protests are out of control. Why? We have to look no further than the current president. Didn’t he say that he wanted to fundamentally change America. Read his book, “Dreams of My Father.” He writes how he hates the basic values of America. He writes about his drug use. We know about his association with radical people like Bill Ayers, the Rev. Rice and Louis Farrakahn, yet he called Donald Trump unfit to be president. Really! President Obama has been the great divider. Many of our colleges have professors that are indoctrinating students with socialism. It has even permeated the public school system. He has created class warfare, race division, and lack of respect for the police, that protect us, and yes, the protests. He has accomplished what he wrote about in his book. Thomas Sowell wrote an article and said, “After watching a documentary about the tragic story of Jonestown, I was struck by the utterly unthinking way that so many people put themselves completely at the mercy of a glib and warped man, who led them to degradation and destruction. And I could not help thinking of the parallel with the way we put a glib and warped man in the White House.”