Democrats failed working class


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hillary Clinton and President Obama for helping to elect Donald Trump.

The bureaucrats in Washington have written regulations and forced them on us as law and President Obama wrote hundreds more with the stroke of his pen.

President Obama killed the Keystone Pipeline that would have provided hundreds of jobs to union workers, and created more union jobs at the refineries receiving that crude oil from Canada.

Hillary Clinton, in a bold statement, said that she would “close the coal mines and lay off the coal miners.” Thousand more union jobs would have been lost. Electricians, steel workers, pipe-fitters, welders and laborers. Including the shipping and railroad union workers that transported the coal.

For years the Democratic Party stood for labor. The AFL-CIO, Teamsters, UAW and a multitude of union workers supported the Democratic Party because they stood for the worker to create better working conditions and better pay.

But as we have seen in the last eight years, that was not the truth, as the Democratic Party has thrown its union workers under the bus in order to line their pockets on Wall Street. Tens of thousands of manufacturing businesses moved or went out of business in the last eight years due to excessive regulation and taxation, many of them union jobs. The blue-collar Democrats that supported Ronald Reagan also saw what was happening to their jobs and supported Donald Trump.

Perhaps it is time for the Reagan Democrats to take another look at the Republican Party. We believe that every person should be given a hand up, not a handout.

Wally Townsend


Dickinson County Republican Committee