Disappointed by hate in election


I am deeply saddened to realize that there is so much hate in our country. Donald Trump is an equal opportunity hater, and was able to capitalize on that in order to become elected.

Some people hate blacks. Some people hate Muslims. Some people hate gays. Some people hate Latinos. Some people hate women. Some people hate the system.

He was able to pander to each and every group and promise that he could eliminate the acceptance of that group into the fabric of America.

I firmly believe most American Christians don’t want to live in that kind of country.

“Make America Great Again” is a clarion call to white supremacy groups. They’ve got their foot in the door, and see an opportunity to turn back the clock to those “good old days” when rich white men were the supreme rulers.

As far as the president-elect, he could not buy his way into the social stations he so desperately wants. The truly gracious people who decide the set they wish to associate with decided decades ago that they did not want to include a crude, sexist, racist bully.

Winning is his mantra.

He has won.

We have lost.

Hate Trumps love.

Bonnie Kirkland