Need to think before posting on social media


I, a very proud American citizen, was one of the lucky ones; I was born in this great country.  This is the only country I have ever lived in, even with its faults I know it is the best country to live in, without any doubt. No individual country can be perfect, due to the fact that no individual person is perfect, yet this country is the best country, in my opinion.

Having said the above, my heart sank as I heard comments put on social media by an elected official in a small community on the news today. It seems she made a statement to the effect that, (not quoting) “It will be nice to have a First Lady with class instead of an Ape in high heels!”  Regardless of how you feel about the President or First Lady, they do represent your U.S.A. So, is that really the way you think you should be talking about them?

I understand another elected official replied that the comment made her day. The people who viewed this on social media made an impact; neither of these two women officials are still in office. Maybe they will think twice before posting on social media, or better yet, re-think their values altogether and maybe apologize.

Please, let each of us daily remember that we are the examples being looked at by tomorrow’s adult United State citizens. What type of citizens do we want to see, not only living in this great land, but also running our nation?  It is up to us to show them, through example, to respect others. I believe we are all Brothers and Sisters created by the same Father.

God bless America!

Diana L. Miller

Breitung Township