Daily News too harsh on Trump


What has happened to the Iron Mountain Daily News? Since you rolled out your new web page, I have noticed that there is more anti-Trump coverage. Before you start cutting him to the quick, why don’t you give him a chance to see what he will do for America.

God knows that the current President has not performed all his election pledges and promises. He has proven to be the most divisive president in our country’s history, yet how much space has been devoted to his failures or his stated unkept promises in your newspaper? Need a little help in remembering?

1. Obamacare — wasn’t that supposed to save every American $2,500 and weren’t you supposed to be able to “keep your plan if you liked your plan”?

2. Closure of Guantanamo Bay. Wasn’t that President Obama’s promise to close that during his first term?

3. End the wars. Wasn’t that another promise? Are we still in Afghanistan and do we still have troops in the Middle East?

4. Why are there record numbers of Americans on government assistance since Obama took office?

It’s time to move beyond the failures of the last eight years of the Democratic Party and start supporting the President-elect of the United States. You owe him the benefit of the doubt before you continue to crucify him for stuff he hasn’t even done yet. Or are you just another “Mainstream Media” rag?

This is not the Iron Mountain Daily News that I remember.