Tiny cages for hens not right


In 2009, the Michigan Legislature overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the state’s Animal Industry Act to ensure animals aren’t cruelly confined on factory farms in tiny cages. The amendment gave producers a lengthy 10 years to phase out these cruel cages and provide more humane confinement for their farmed animals. Unfortunately, Michigan’s factory egg farmers have done little or nothing to follow this law and recently convinced state Rep. Dan Lauwers to introduce HB 5987 to extend by five years the time they have to comply with the 2009 amendment.

Egg-laying hens confined in these small cages suffer terribly. They are unable to walk, turn around, or even spread their wings. Some get trapped in the cage wire and die of thirst or hunger, while others are pecked to death by stressed cage mates. The 10 years allotted in the 2009 amendment was plenty of time for farmers to end this cruelty and provide their birds with more humane conditions.

Unfortunately, the Michigan House recently passed HB 5987, which now goes to the Senate for its approval. I urge your readers to contact their state senator at www.senate.michigan.gov and Gov. Rick Snyder at www.michigan.gov/snyder or by calling 906-228-2850 and urge them to oppose passage of HB 5987. Thank you.